Friday, 26 April 2013

'Transatlantic Literature in Context' Seminar Series

At Oxford, since the beginning of the year, I have been co-organising a seminar series on 'Transatlantic Literature in Context'. It's been going really well - we've had invitees discuss everything from outlaws to Pynchon by way of French translations of 1950s American poetry, and John Berryman's transatlantic influences! Next week we are listening to a talk on 'Paul Muldooon's Clever Mourning', and two weeks later we are being treated to a seminar paper on European emigres and neon lights. It has been a wonderful experience to invite speakers from the UK, Ireland and France to give talks - and we are hoping to extend the talks into next year. Last week, at the British Association of American Studies Conference in Exeter, I tried to promote the series further - so hopefully we shall get a similarly eclectic range of papers for the following academic year!

You can find out more about the series, and access the jazzy (colour) poster - no mean feat for an English academic - by clicking on the link at Oxford's Faculty of English weblearn pages.


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